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Gwen Smith

September 15, 2015

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Gwen Preston Cooperstown


When my son, Preston, was in sixth grade he chose to plant spinach for his science fair project. He planted seeds in four plastic cups and watered each batch with a fixed daily amount of four different liquids: water, orange juice, cola, and milk. (Yes, you are correct! By day three of his fourteen-day project, the milk cup reeked to high heavens with a stinky-sour smell!) His hypothesis was that he believed that the seeds watered with water would grow faster than the seeds that were watered by orange juice, cola and milk.

Once his hypothesis was determined, he and I (his faithful mommy-research-assistant) diligently went about the task of collecting data, watering the seeds, taking pictures, and documenting his findings. The instructions on the back of the seed envelope indicated that we should see spinach sprouts within 7-10 days. Preston was looking forward to seeing the sprouts and was eager to see if his hypothesis was valid. I was too.


So we watered and we waited. We stayed the course and did the work required with hearts that were eager to witness a green, leafy harvest. Day seven came and went. No sprouts. Day eight came and went. No sprouts. Day nine. No sprouts. Day ten. No sprouts.

When all was said and done, we were disappointed that his faithful efforts did not bear spinach. In fourteen days not one green sprout shot up from any of the cups. In fact, we saw no external evidence of any growth at all … not even on a root level. And although his data got collected, his project got completed and Preston received a good grade, we were both heart-sad that we didn’t get to see any growth.

Sometimes our lives are like that science fair project. We invest in others and are eager to see the harvest. We obey God, trust His plan and walk according to His Word. We plant seeds into the soil of our marriages or dating relationships and water them with love, hope and truth. We plant seeds into the life-soil of our friends and co-workers and water them with loyalty, time and encouragement. As parents and grandparents we “grow” our children and our grandchildren. We water them with love, feed them with the Word. We water and we wait with great expectations in our hearts and a desire to see some growth. We long to see the fruit of our labor.

At times we see fruit.

At times we don’t.

Science Project Preston SM

Jesus gave His disciples a trustworthy promise that if we stick to His side and stay tight to God’s will, that our lives and our efforts will bear fruit. He said in John 15:4-5, Remain in me, as I also remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me.I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing. When we remain in Jesus – when we trust God by turning to the Holy Spirit for guidance and to His Word for truth – you and I will bear fruit … whether we see it or not. (Tweet this if you believe it!)

A person of faith believes God’s promises because His promises are connected to His character. God’s promises aren’t flippant. They’re secure! The apostle Paul said it like this: Whatever God has promised gets stamped with the Yes of Jesus. In him, this is what we preach and pray, the great Amen, God’s Yes and our Yes together, gloriously evident. God affirms us, making us a sure thing in Christ, putting his Yes within us. By his Spirit he has stamped us with his eternal pledge—a sure beginning of what he is destined to complete (2 Cor. 1:20-22, MSG).

You see, friend, the yes-and-amen promise here is that we will bear fruit, not that we will necessarily see the fruit in our own timing or even in our own lifetimes. Understanding this promise sure does help me to trust God more. And further, knowing that our faithfulness will directly impact how much fruit will be produced should challenge us to remain faithful!

All of the promises of our Covenant God are “yes” and “amen”. We can trust His Word to be true because the character of our God is unblemished. Apart from Jesus, we can do nothing. When we remain in Him, we will bear fruit. (Another Tweetable!) Sometimes we will see it. Sometimes we won’t.

Our God-confidence is bolstered when we remember that He is faithful, and that our job is to listen, seek, and obey – to remain in Him – not to try to control the outcome of the seeds that He instructs us to sow. When we grow in our understanding of His character and rest in the knowledge that He is for us, not against us (Jeremiah 29:11), this helps us to trust Him. Let’s strive to be women who take God at His Word and believe His “Yes” and “Amen” promise!

Dear Lord,
Thank You for planting a seed of faith in the soil of my heart through Your Son, Jesus Christ. Please grow my faith. Help me to trust You more and remind me to fix my eyes on You, not on the results of my life investments.
In Jesus’s name I pray, amen.

Are there promises you are doubting God will fulfill?

Leave a comment below telling me what you are trusting God for today… or just simply leave a comment saying, “Yes and Amen!”


JUST FOR FUN: Here’s a picture of me with my 18 year-old Preston now. He’s a senior in high school and I am savoring the moments that he is still with us at home! (We are exceedingly grateful for braces! LOL)

Preston HS2

Where does the time go? #momproblems
Thanks for doing life with me!


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Today’s post is adapted from Trusting God by Sharon Jaynes, Gwen Smith, & Mary Southerland by permission of Multnomah, division of Random House, Inc. Are you ready to begin a new faith adventure? Get a copy of the book!


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Gwen Smith

I am an unashamed, imperfect worshiper of Jesus Christ. I cling to His goodness to cover my mess and purpose my days to live out the hope of the Gospel. It is my joy and passion to inspire women to live fully in grace and truth. I write books, devotions and songs. I speak. I sing. I worship. I post, pin and tweet. I am intensely in love with the Word of God and believe, wholeheartedly, that the Bible is divinely inspired truth.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lena.conradiebotes Lena Conradie Botes

    For my husbands business and our financial predicaments – yes and amen!!

  • Taslyn

    Yes and Amen

  • Al

    yes and amen

  • Godsgrace

    For a breakthrough in marriage restoration and financial hardships as a single parent. I’m standing for a miracle!

    • Maureen

      I pray that God will make you a new person with a fresh perspective and a positive outlook. Assure her God that you are taking care of all her needs. God, please take all her old habits of impatience, mindsets, unloving attitudes, disrespect, and automatic reactions and replace them with love, patience, kindness, and gentleness. And the changes that need to be done in her husband, we release that to you. We trust you, God, with the results. Mark 11:24-25

    • Mary Williams

      GOD would manifest HIMSELF in your life and your son, HE is a GOD of wonders…..

  • sstep04

    Yes and Amen

  • Broken in NY

    We….are homeless and hungry due to things beyond my control

    • Hopeful Mom

      Prayers going up for you and your family. God is good! Blessings on you sister!

      • Broken in NY

        Ty for your prayers…..just hard to see the end when you are completely disabled, wheelchair bound, lost the place you’ve lived 20 years and everyone around you is suppose to be family and they are so negative…..I’m sorry…..

        • Dee Thomas

          Don’t be sorry My Sister. Sending prayers your way, I have always been taught that God won’t put on you more than you can handle. It’s making you stronger. You are getting prepared for.something bigger and greater. God Bless You!!

          • Nadine Stephanie

            prayers for you broken

        • http://www.facebook.com/jessica.h.goodman Jessica Hughes Goodman

          Will be praying for you. I know God will help you. Trust Him to show you the way. Praying that He sends people to help you asap. Hugs!

    • Vitamins

      Dear Broken, Our Father in Heaven loves you more than you can possibly know! It may not seem that way now, however, seek out all the resources you possibly can, repent of any sin in your life, pray for His will to be done, thank Him, then TRUST Him to work in His way and His timing! Watch and wait on Him, believing! I love you too, Girlfriend!!

    • Pip

      I pray that God will bless you and remove you from this situation. God bless you

  • Patrice

    Yes and Amen

  • samuel hehealolo-reynolds

    Oh very inspiring and encouraging!

  • Latoi

    Yes & Amen!

  • Eseza

    Yes and Amen!!!

  • Libby

    Yes & Amen

  • Christine

    Trusting that as I walk in His Truth much fruit will come forth….

  • Andrea

    Yes and Amen for our financial situation. Just one thing though — you referenced Jeremiah 11:29 – did you mean Jeremiah 29:11?

  • a.w.f.

    For a financial breakthrough for others and myself….

  • Janine Dempster

    For the house I have been promised for 8 years a breakthrough with my son and husband the spiritual battle to be won in Jesus Name. Yes and Amem

  • http://www.facebook.com/jackie.rose1954 Jackie Dennis

    Yes and Amen! What an inspiration you are to me! GiG always “speaks” to me at just the right time. Thank you……


    YES and AMEN

  • http://www.facebook.com/nontembiso.gxabela.7 Nontembiso Gxabela
  • Patrice Bryant

    I am trusting God for my husband to rededicate his life back to God and for my marriage to become one that honors and pleases God….yes and amen.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nontembiso.gxabela.7 Nontembiso Gxabela

    Yes Âmen

  • Maame

    I am trusting God to give me a great job after graduation. Yes and Amen!

  • Jennifer

    I am trusting God for a husband and father for my son. I am also trusting God that the money stolen by the father of lies this week will be returned to me ten-fold. YES and AMEN!!!!


    For breakthroughs in employment,finances and marriage. Expecting God favor and Miracles. YES AND AMEN

  • Lucinda

    Thank you so much for your message on Girlfriends in God. Boy did it hit home with me today. My 19 year old daughter is dating someone who claims to believe but his life is not evident of belief. Your message re-affirms our job is to plant and water the seed. It’s God’s job, Word & work that grows the fruit!

  • Grace

    Ha, Gwen, I love the backwards Jer 29:11 and it searches as ‘no results found’ , so fitting for the story! ‘Please Try Again’!

  • pjk

    Yes and Amen!

  • Dorothy R-W

    I am trusting God for my husband’s salvation!

  • Ijeoma O. Samuel

    yes and amen all the promises of God concerning me and my children shall come to pass in Jesus name. Am believing God for financial breakthrough

  • scm

    A new home for our family. YES AND AMEN!

  • Carlynn

    YES and AMEN!! I am trusting God for a job that will be just right!! He has always been there for me!!

  • Nita Fisher

    I am trusting God for a Godly husband. Yes and Amen!

  • Eleanor Smith

    God has promised me a Godly husband! Yes!!

    • Berta Lomadofkie

      Resting on this promise as well! Yes and Amen!!!

  • cat5dog1

    For my husband’s business and our finances, for our country and our economy

  • Hopeful Mom

    After 10 years of hoping and praying, I am trusting God for a healthy pregnancy and baby, Amen!

  • Michelle

    For my children who are teenagers YES and AMEN!

    • Shelley

      I teach teenagers, so I think I understand. May God reach them and help them to see the reality that God is love.

  • Kathy

    I am praying for the chance to see all of my children and Grandchildren to be saved. Then in my lifetime, I am 66 now, I am praying that my children will cast their bad feelings toward each other, and allow me to have a big get together with them all before I go to Heaven. I am trying to have the faith you talk about, but am doubting it also in my lifetime. Please pray with me for this to happen! I also need prayer for me. I have really made a mess of my life, and now am alone. Wondering where or what I did wrong to bring me through 2 marriages, both were nightmares, 2 separate children families, and still have no one and be alone. And all the memories of my past to haunt me each day, with no self esteem. I can’t love myself, and think of myself as only old, fat and ugly.

    I seek God for the answer but so far I have given up on getting it here on this earth. By the way, you, Sharon and Mary start my day each morning with a blessing when I receive your devotions. May God continue to bless you in your wonderful music ministry and all of you as you continue to witness for God! Loving each of you!!!

    • Stillafloat

      Prayers for you girlfriend! I, also, try to start each day looking to Jesus–inspite of how i feel. You are not alone!

  • JaneB.

    For a Godly husband, or for our finances. Yes and Amen!

  • Dayo

    Trusting God for my son’s gradation this year, and success in my final exams Clinical practice in Nursing examination on 04/26-28/, NCLEX later, followed by good job in Jesus name

  • AG23

    We were officially licensed for adoption yesterday. We will be adopting through CPS. I am trusting that God will create our new family.

  • Raquel Springer Lloyd

    Yes and AMEN!!!!!!!!!1

  • http://www.facebook.com/nicki.marchese Nicki Rynaski

    I am believing God for the healing of my Lyme Disease!Yes and Amen!

  • sandra

    A man of God, growth in my ministry and my finances, boldness and confidence in my sharing of the Gospel

  • lor

    I so enjoyed your insights in the devotional today. Yes and Amen. God will take care of our needs as we trust in Him for all our needs. Today i trust Him to guide us in our decisions about our business. .

  • Bookersweet

    Yes and Amen!

  • Paige

    I am having a hard time believing God will see me through this healthy temple journey. I have to believe it even when the scale is stuck and the clothes are still tight. He is faithful. Yes he will and amen!

  • daughter in christ

    I believe that my children will redirect their lives to God. That they would find spouses who dedicate their lives to God. That I would also find a spouse who is dedicated ti God. A big YES and AMEN!!!!!!

  • Azandra

    I am trusting God for a second chance at life by resolving the restitution that I owe and cannot pay because I don’t have employment, so my record can be wipe clean and for a career opportunity in the medical field to manifest.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sharon.jefferson.585 Sharon Jefferson

    I’m trusting and believing that God will touch the heart of my oldest daughter and she will return home whole and complete in her mind, body and spirit.

  • Asma

    For a career opportunity that i have just lost, i have been fasting and praying hard but there has been no positive response to have the job back, my soul feels tortured because i am trying every option possible, a few said it is settled and i will receive the job back but then again i get a response from the employer that i wont, i have one last option, if this does not work, my plan to be married in September will have to delayed as i wont be able to save enough. So im trusting God that this last option work. YES & AMEN

  • Darlene

    All Gods promises are Yes and Amen!!

  • Patty

    I am trusting GOD for the full-time career job I need and the finances to travel to it. YES and AMEN!!!

  • Shasta

    Yes & Amen!!!

  • Katherine Swarts

    “Let us not lose heart … in due time we will reap (Gal. 6:9, NASB). YES AND AMEN!

  • Cyndi at he beach

    Wow- what a message. I pray that my eyes are open to Gods plan. May I see His path for me. Healing of cancer and some love thrown in would be bonus ! But I want my life to honor and glorify His til he comes again! Thanks love the blogs

  • Sandra Colon

    I am waiting for the salvation of my elderly parents and siblings. I am also believing him for physical healing. Yes and Amen

  • Marine Teen’s Mom

    I am going to trust God to rid me of my anger, depression, overly-critical attitude, uncontrolled tongue, and to restore my faith in Him, my husband, and in people in general. He has already brought me through so much, I have no right to lose faith, but thank God that He forgives.

  • Jayne

    Jayne Fisher- to become a mu

  • alpa in Atlanta

    I am trusting God to trust God. I’ve struggled in this area due to fear, rejection, and disappointments. I know the alternative of worrying does not work, but it allows me to feel in control (even though I’m out of control). As a result, I sabotage what God wants me to do by beIng disobedient instead of trusting and resting in His Promise of, “Yes, and Amen!”


    yes, I am trusting God. for a job that I can earn money with and time to do school. awaiting a call for the job where i can pour out Godly love. that gives me enough time off to do school. please Lord let them call me today!

  • Caroljeanmarie

    I am trusting God to graduate college this Decdember, with good grades, and I trust that he has my unknown future (unknown to me) in his hands!

  • Lynda

    I pray that GOD will renew me body,mind & soul. I have been lazy due to bad health & our financial problems.Because of the pain I don’t want people around me much including my awesome husband bless his heart. I pray to GOD he blesses our son & daughter-inlaw with a child they are so,so desiring to have.I pray & trust God for our finances to be blessed. YES AND AMEN.

  • Diana

    I am trusting God for a move I need to make from Dartmouth to Halifax and finding a good roommate to share the rent.

  • Ini

    I pray for success in my membership exams in Obstetrics and gynaecology in September this year. Revision is a real challenge.
    And I pray for salvation for my husband.
    Yes and Amen!

  • Dee Thomas

    God has promised that abuse is not for me. Amen. Yes. God has promised that my son will not be deterred by such a label as ADHD. YES! Amen. God has promised me a wonderful husband and marriage. Amen Yes!

  • Nonna

    Yes and Amen, I’m trusting God to work in the hearts of my kids families

  • Isha

    I’m trusting God for emotional healing as a result of tremendous loss and suffering.

  • Mom 23

    Our kids are enrolled in private Christiaisn school. Each year the financial was burden is a fear and struggle. Iam giving it to the Lord in prayer to help is with this and I know he will provide.

  • Shelley

    Yes and Amen with health and finances!

  • Dolores

    I pray that my daughter I placed for adoption with a Christian family will grow up to love Jesus with all of her mind, heart, soul, and strength. And that she will serve Him with all she has!

  • Marion

    Yes and Amen

  • Jane

    I can relate to a few of the previous comments so Yes & Amen. Praise God!

  • Davida

    God is leading me to the job thatis part of his plan. I know that he does not desire calamity for me but rather peace and joy within my heart. I trust him and believe.

  • Vitamins

    Tis a difficult thing to surrender those burdens, but, I give them to You, Father! My prayer is that You enable me to fix my eyes on the Author and Perfecter of my faith, You, El Elyon, and not on what I’m praying about!! Thx, Gwen, for your encouragement today! I also have a friend who is at her wit’s end, but “Girlfriends” has been a Godsend! Again, many thanks!!!

  • Jamie

    Yes and Amen!!

  • Mina

    “Yes and Amen”. Thank God for all His promises.

  • Joanne

    I loved your devotional! It really spoke to me today! Thank you for your obedience to God! I’m praying for a new job, a husband, and family. I feel God has promised them to me and I’m praying they will all come to pass soon. YES and Amen!

  • Dolores

    I am recently divorced and starting all over again. I am looking to start a new career and begin rebuilding. I am waiting on the Lord to open that door…

  • Summer Neal

    Yes and Amen! I am trusting God to build Godly relationships in both my life and my sons life!

  • diananavarrete

    Thanks for the reminder!!! Being faithful in the ministry that God has called my husband and I and our family to in Mexico City. Sometimes it is soooo hard when we are not “seeing” fruit. My new perspective: I choose a standard of grace and faithfulness instead of perfection or humanly visible results.

  • Brenda

    Yes and Amen!!!

  • Kaddie

    Thank you for a wonderful word….Whew! I am trusting God to relieve me of anxiety, I am trusting Him to place a hedge around my teenager that I am raising and only have him for half a week to pour God’s word in him ( joint custody), extreme poor financial situation, and so much more…it is even over whelming to even type :-(…

  • Shine B.

    Trusting God to give me knowledge of His will for me and the strength to carry that out. Yes!

  • Pauline

    your devotional this morning came in so handy as I really needed that word as I have been praying about injustice being meted out to me on my job- laid off and still have not been paid ..commissions on jobs done still not paid and there is no remorse on my employer’s part. My aged, blind father lives with me but thank God God we are none the worst as a result. I have been praying and still am that God will give these people ‘heart of flesh’ as ironically they say they are ‘Christians’

  • Patrice

    …for contentment in whatever state I’m in — Yes and amen!

  • Joanne

    I am trusting God that my daughter who married an unbeliever, and is in an abusive relationship with him, will come back to the Lord and so will her husband and baby daughter.

    Also, her two sons who we adopted will become Godly men.

    Also, my 18 year old son will hear God’s voice and serve Him.

    • always hopeful in Him

      Joanne, there is so much going on in the lives of your loved ones. I pray God s provident, protective hand over your dauther. And that she would have the strenght she needs to do the right things in her life according to your plan, and that God will bring up those boys with you, and will have his hand upon them each day as they grow in truth and knowledge as Jesus our example did. and for your dear son, I pray that He would be touched in His heart by Gods light and mercy. It is His kindness that leads us to repentance. Love and Strength and rest to you in Gods loving care Joanne! <3

  • Dolores

    I pray that my daughter I placed for adoption with a Christian family will grow up to love Jesus with all of her mind, heart, soul, and strength. And that she will serve Him with all she has!

  • Thomasina

    Yes and Amen! leaving it again believing God to heal hubby and our marriage. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for the healing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/katreevesison Kat Reeves

    god has promosed me healing from my stroke yes and amen

  • Wolfe

    Trusting God will deliver me of anxieties that come from things that are beyond my control. Trusting that God will take care of the situation in North Korea and we won’t have a war. Trusting that through this season I will come out closer than ever to The Lord and I will once and for all conquer these anxieties and fears with His help. Yes and Amen!

  • Peaches

    I am trusting for a Godly man in my life, either a mate or just a male friend who would love to place the Lord first. It has been over 49 years, is this a waiting period until I am called home and a time which I should be content and thankful. I am grateful for His blessings. Pray for me.

  • Kay

    GOD has PROMISED Me PROSPERITY, Children of DESTINY and A HUSBAND whose LOVES GOD 1st. and LOVE ME as CHRIST LOVE the Church

    • kay

      YES and AMEN

  • Ashley J

    I am trusting God to bring my family back together. I am trusting God to bring me closer to him, to be more confident in myself and to increase my faith. Yes and Amen!

    • Ashley J

      Also a job, to hopefully go back to school to figure out my purpose in life, and family being healthy and safe. Yes and Amen

  • barb

    I trust the Lord for a yes, the answer my daughter is waiting on.

  • Michelle

    Yes and Amen, dear sister

  • oluwasbabe

    Trusting God for a Godly husband, my divine partner.
    trusting Him in using me for His glory, to make me a soul winner.
    strengthening my walk with HIM.
    YES and AMEN.

  • Mary Louise Smith

    YES AND AMEN!!!!!

  • Clair

    I am trusting God for growth in my life. YES AND AMEN!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jessica.h.goodman Jessica Hughes Goodman

    I am trusting God to open the door for a job! Have been unemployed for three months and I have to pay off student loans. Yes and Amen!

  • lucy

    am trusting God for my finicicial breakthrough yes and amen

  • The Bubblyjam

    My siblings and are believing God for God fearing and spouse, twins babies and grand kids for our mum. Yes and Amen!

  • Rhinah Harriet

    Its some time very true to doubt God’s promises because i my self i reached an extent of doubting God

  • Nimo

    I am believing God for baby Immanuel. Yes and Amen!

  • Caroline Gitata

    YES & AMEN.

    Thank you very much for your powerful message. It’s very enlightening and I’m really encouraged.

    I am holding on God’s promises, trusting Him for a godly and loving husband. Please pray with me.

    God bless you!

    Kind regards,

  • Godslove

    I am trusting God for our own place to call home and employment for my husband. Yes and amen!

  • Donna

    I am trusting God for a our finances and for improved marital relations. Yes and Amen!

  • Tamijoy

    Thank you for your words today. Trusting God BIG TIME to heal the pain, hurt and hole in my heart. I lost my youngest son early Easter morning in a hit & run accident. His life after some turbulence was showing that God was a big part of his life, he was living the joy in the Lord and affecting so many for Him. I know this ripple effect will continue from God using my son Josh. PLT! Thankful God gave him to us for 24 years. Please keep us in your prayers; he leaves behind a young wife of 21 and a 3 year old daughter.

  • Sheena

    Yes and Amen!

  • Alma Soto

    Yes and Amen

  • Laura

    I am trusting God that He will provide for my family. He has said He will supply all our needs. My husband is getting discouraged at his job and not making enough. I am working all I can. He likes the type of work he’s doing but needs something higher paying. The kids do not want to move from here but there’s not a lot of option. Praying and trusting God’s will that he will provide something my husband can handle, or make a way for it to be possible to move and find something where his family lives. God will supply all our needs. Thank you for the reminder. God’s promises are Yes and Amen.

  • Julie Parra

    Yes, Lord; Yes, Lord, Yes,Yes, Yes, Lord! Amen!!! For the Life of My Children; their life-purpose fulfilled! Thank you!

  • Rebeca

    i am trusting God in this huge change in my life i’ve made. yes and amen!

  • pat

    I am trusting God to unite my family and help unsettled family members to trust
    Him.That my grand daughter will give her heart to the Lord and stop trying to be accepted by people. Yes and Amen!!


    as extreemly difficult thIs is to do because ive done for 15 yrs. prayed n believed for this,,,,my husband to be loving,kind,gentle,patient,christ loving,affirming FIT MAN OF GOD,ALSO TO BE HEALED OF ADHD,ANGER,SELF HATRED,WHICH LEAKS OUT INTO OUR CHILDRENS LIVES. ALL THIS HAPPENS WHEN U DONT HAVE PRAYING GOD LED PARENTS ALLOWING U, TO MARRY A PERSON WHOM THEY DONT EVEN KNOW.

  • beloved

    my husband just left me…i need to trust God will get me thru this. Thank you for your blog.

  • trina

    God asked me a year ago to walk away from where I was living and where I was working to sell everything and trust Him as I started to walk in a full-time ministry trusting Him for my provisions! I gave up the lease of the house I was renting, gave a 5 week notice of leaving my job and moved over 2 hours away! This was last June and I have seen God move mightily! I see plans He is giving of an international ministry and moving to Brazil for 3 months in August! Each step the needs increase for what I need to have faith in believing my Papa will supply to walk out what He has before me! Each step I am learning and trusting more and I have seen Him move so incredibly! I am walking in more peace amd believing for everything I need to walk out what He puts before me! This morning I was walking in the woods and along the path in the middle of the woods where there is no flowers, I see two beautiful purple crockuses coming up in the middle of nowhere! God will. Provide and thank you for this devotional it has given me the confirmation to believe for the greater that God is doing! Trusting in what I don’t see but what I believe in Him to bring to pass!

  • Mg

    I’m trusting God for a godly husband. Yes & amen. Thank you for this devotional it was such a blessing. I had a big aha moment, “just because we don’t see the fruit doesn’t mean it’s not planted.”

  • http://www.facebook.com/OtishaHISWIFEYVERNON Otisha Msjones Vernon

    Yes and amen

  • Jayne

    Trusting God for my husbands salvation and relying on his promise for household salvation
    Yes and Amen

  • Ewin Chan

    I am trusting God, thanks for giving me a lovely daughter… …

  • Anna

    I want so much and pray for a place of my own so that I will not have to live with family. I am a grandmother but also a woman who would like her privacy and own life for what time I have left on this earth.

  • Maureen Lee (a Praying Mum)

    I am Trusting God for the Salvation of my son Dan, who is causing me pain by his treatment, immature behavior and disrespect of me. God asked me to ‘Love Him into the Kingdom’, but it has been a long painful process. I am still trusting God in this and believe my obedience will bear fruit. Also trusting for answers to prayers for my Family, House, Car and Jobs situations in our lives. Believing we will all have a Great testimony, giving God all the Glory. YES and AMEN

  • Wendy Francis

    Yes and Amen

  • Irene Waite

    I am trusting God that my son and partner will dedicate there lives to God – Yes and Amen

  • Greatly concerned

    Praying that God will give me wisdom. Lost of job and income, potentially losing home again. Praying for peace and joy for my son and I. In addition, favor and resources to begin again. Please pray much for us.

  • Angela Goble

    i feel alone and worthless, like i have no purpose. I’m afraid god’ will not help me love me. If i can’t love me, how can i love others or contribute to society in a positive way.

  • JudiK

    Trusting God to return a house to me that was stolen from me! Amen and Yes
    That my daughter will find a great job with benefits! Amen and Yes!

  • tess

    I am trusting god for a good outcome on our insurance issues! yes and amen

  • mrsfish

    Trusting God to keep me healthy, keep the love for my husband and provide a job to pay off debt

  • Erika

    Thank you God for your Yes and Amen! Thanking God for peace that passes all understanding. When armed/clothed in peace I can continue to move forward in all situations with grace! AMEN!

  • Cate Luswata

    Iam trusting God for a new job this June as an investment banker.Today i am contacting two of the people who work where i dream of working soonest

  • Kim

    I am trusting God to save my marriage! Yes and Amen!!!!

  • Salma Ashley

    Today, I am trusting God for a new phone (Iphone or Samsung) and also for a true love experience!!

  • hopeful heart

    waiting for a long arduous divorce journey with sons who are wounded in the process. praying, doing my faith,…and waiting and hoping i do it well. I am waiting to see what the Lord does.

  • Lataya Dickerson

    Yes and Amen!

  • Auryl

    Yes and Amen!

  • cinnamon

    Trusting God for my children and for me to get healthy.

  • Becky

    God promised me and my husband a child and we are believing him for 3 and we are also resting in his promises so it is…..Yes ….Amen to the glory of God.

  • Nyarai

    Yes and Amen!

  • rose c

    I am trusting God to heal my broken marriage and for financial break through yes amen

  • Tamara

    I am trusting God in many areas of my life and even more after reading your message. In my career I see few results from my clients while working with them. The majority come back years later and share their successes and how I impacted their life. But for some reason I have not taken the same strategy in my personal life. Starting today I will be leaning fully on God and know the seeds I sow at work and at home are perfect in His promise.

  • Sandy

    God has promised me love , trust and compassion in my marriage. Amen

  • Debbi

    I am trusting God for a new car this year with no down payment and low monthly payments. I am trusting Gid for straightening out my credit and put me in good standing with all the credit bureaus. I am trusting God for blessing me to buy my first home. I am trusting God for living and eating healthy and losing 30 to 35 pounds. I am trusting God for me to pay off my taxes, student loans, outstanding college bill so that I can return and earn a degree in physical education so that I will be able to open my own gymnastic program. I am trusting God for his continued protection and guidance for my 3 nephews, my siblings, and my parents, my friends and enemies. I am trusting Gid that I will be discipline to study His word and apply it to my life so that it will be pleasing to him. I am trusting Gid for a good & healthy relationship with WCD and becoming his wife. I trust God that we will both honor our commitment and allow God to be the center of our lives as we honor the covenant between a husband & Wife. I thank God for His son Jesus who die on the cross for my sins. Yes ad Aen!

  • DAMI


  • Gail

    It is funny how God speaks to us. I have been going through a difficult time and before I read this today, I asked God why I was so upset with him. I know I have been single for nearly 10 years, but why so angry? Then I read this. It’s like it was God talking to me. Yes and Amen! God will provide me a Godly man in his timing, not mine.

  • Mrs. Wooten

    Yes and Amen!!!!!

  • Beverly

    Yes and Amen

  • merlinsam@hotmail.com

    Yes and Amen

  • Tanya

    I’m trusting God with our finances,health,job,and son’s educational decisions and issues. Yes and Amen!

  • Alicia C.

    I am trusting God that I will be delivered from the pain of my past. Yes and Amen!

    • Nicole

      Same here! praying for you Alicia. May God bless and restore whats been broken…Amen

  • http://batman-news.com Faith

    I am trusting for God to turn my marriage around let there be love, peace and joy!
    I am trusting that God will allow us to concieve healthy children.I am trusting that God will allow our insurance to pay for fertility treatment 100%.
    I am trsuting that God will turn my sister life around of not being Gay!
    In jesus name YES and AMEN!!!!!!

  • kristin

    Trusting God to restore my marriage and bring us back to following Him closer. Yes and Amen.
    BTW, my son did a science project similar to yours, but different kinds of water, not so smelly! :)

  • ozzy

    I am trusting God for a godly man in marriage. Yes and Amen!

  • Cindy Wink

    I am trusting God for a worthy and fulfilling job. Yes and Amen!!!

  • Dee

    Yes and amen!

  • Elsie Greenwood

    Household salvation! Yes and Amen!!!!!!

  • Lisa Diane

    I am trusting God that he will provide for my daughter to continue school where she is and that this big job will happen today… Yes and Amen!

  • Elena

    Yes and Amen!❤️

  • Nicole

    I’m saying yes to a rare mental illness being healed, to my brothers coming to Christ, and to me having total forgiveness of my mother. Yes and Amen

  • Jackie

    God has promised me to prosper me and not to harm me, to give me hope and a future! Jeremiah 29:11 I believe this to be true and he is currently demonstrating it to me and guiding me through my future plans.

  • Trish

    Yes and amen!!

  • divinely grafted

    My Yes and Amen of every goodly promises rest in God, and Him alone. Lord I believe, but when the storms of life come pls, pls, pls help my UNBELIEF!! Yes and Amen always……

  • Concerned mom

    My 21 year old college daughter is in mentally abusive relationship. There has been some physical such as grabbing etc. We have buried one child 5 years ago so even more difficult to keep faith during this time.

  • Shalray

    God has promised that my son will walk someday, talk, and be fully healed. that even if God chooses not to heal some of these things he will use it to his glory. Wow this is harder than I thought. God will will grow my husband closer to my son that can’t tell him he loves him. And they will have a bond. Yes they will. Yes HE will. Amen.

  • Cindy

    I know God will restore my marriage! Yes and Amen!!!!!

  • Jocie609

    God has promised me that He will never leave me or forsake me. God promises that He will lead and direct me through this journey of ministry. God promises to provide a Godly lifetime companion to accompany me in a marital sense. God promises to supply ALL my needs financially concerning the sale of my house, paying all of my household bills, and repayment of my student loans! YES AND AMEN!!!

  • Vabasilver


  • Ayele Awhefa Quaye-Foli

    God has promised me mindblowing grades and a good certificate after undergrad..I believe…its YES AND AMEN

  • Diane Garrett

    Yes and Amen over my Life!!!!!!

  • Keisha Clarke-Gayle

    Yes and Amen!

  • Kay

    Praying for my best friend to be able to adopt a child soon. it’s been a very long journey of faith and still no end in sight, but I will not stop believing!

  • Margot

    God will provide a job for my husband. Yes!! Amen!!!

  • Debra Pimentel

    Restoration of my family….YES and AMEN!

  • Love

    Restoring my husbands heart … showing him who Jesus really is. YES AND AMEN!

  • math girl

    Trusting my husband will be the spiritual leader of our household.

  • Kathleen

    Yes and Amen!

  • Sharon Neely

    That My family would be saved. I continue to pray for their salvation. I know I need to have faith. I just don’t see any fruit.

  • Lauren P.

    I’m trusting God for complete health in my body and for my family! Amen!

  • Pip

    I trust and believe God has in store for me a career :) He knows the plans He has for us. Yes and Amen!

  • Sarah O

    I am trusting in God to restore my marriage and soften my husbands heart so he can have faith in God and recieve all the blessings God has for him. YES and AMEN!!!!

  • Nancy

    I am trusting God that he will restore my marriage as we have hurt one another over finances, and to that end, I trust that God will bestow financial blessings and stable employment onto our family as well. Yes and Amen!!

  • Afton

    I pray that I will give all of my worries about financial hardships to The Lord!! Amen!

  • Roxanne

    God promises to be my constant provider. Get us out of this diseased housing.

  • Lola

    Trusting God to supply my needs. Need a financial breakthrough. Yes and Amen!

  • Dee

    Believing God for the complete restoration of my marriage

  • Bernadette Burgess

    Yes and Amen

  • Sheri

    Gwen, I am posting a BIG Yes and Amen that God WILL heal your throat and your husbands as well! Different ailments, I know, but you both use your voice to share God’s word and I know this work is not done yet. God has more for you and He Will heal you! Yes and Amen :)

  • Angel

    Trusting that God will bless my finances with a great new job opportunity and also to bless me not to be afraid and doubtful, for he did not give me the sprit of doubt and fear. YES and AMEN

  • Sarah

    A successful beginning to our church’s womens’ group!! AMEN!!

    Thank you for this message today! I have been struggling because no one is RSVP’ing that they are coming. I will trust that, if it is God’s will, the group will happen and BLOSSOM!

  • Nita

    I have a hard time believing that God will give me the desires of my heart when it comes to a Godly, faithful, loving and loyal husband. I am 38 and haven’t received him yet.

  • Mary L Johnson

    I have been told that I am going to be relieved from duties at work at the end of this month. I just want to say YES and AMEN to GOD’S WILL for my life!

  • Joanne Thomas

    Promise of a Godly Husband an finically security, searching for a job. Thought my current boyfriend was in the LORDS plan but he is having issues an says he needs time to fix himself. I want the LORDS will not mine. In the meantime I am doing my Bible with my sisters in Christ, an praying . But I know All is well, I put my worries aside an have faith in GOD.

  • Faithful Gal

    I rest in God’s promise that he will guide us through as we get back on track with
    finances, and through the Holy Spirit to continue to speak to our daughter so that she does not lose her way!

  • Dona Luna

    My health. Yes and Amen.

  • Zealous4God

    For my family to turn to Jesus and want to know more about Him and His wonderful love! Yes and AMEN!

  • Patty Cake

    I am trusting God to be able to get in my car or bus, train, boat, airplane and go anywhere in the world and not be afraid. I am saying Yes & Amen !!!!!

  • Blessed

    I am trusting God for a future plans he has for my life. YES &AMEN!

  • Blessed

    I pray that doors of admission into graduate school are soon opened. YES&AMEN

  • Ruth

    For my husband’s health to be restored. Yes and Amen… and by the way… it’s Jeremiah 29:11 for anyone that is looking up the scriptures referred to.

  • Needs healing

    I am trusting god to heal me of an undiagnosed illness that has me struck me down for 23 months.
    Yes and AMEN!

  • Noeris Gil

    God has promised that He would cure my uncle of cancer and help my family get out of the financial troubles we are in. YES and AMEN!!!

  • Amy Galbo

    Wow I needed exactly what The Lord spoke to me today through you. Thank you for allowing Him to work through you. My day was changed after my devotion and time with The Lord. This was after the enemy tried all morning to keep me from time with The Lord. I was late on my time with God but as He promises us He is always there when we seek His face. God Bless you Gwen. Thank you. Yes And Amen. <3

  • Dawna Kenkel

    Yes and Amen !!

  • Salina

    Yes & Amen

  • mslatxgirl

    I am praying YES and AMEN to our Father breaking my addiction to nicotine for good. Phillipians 4:13

  • Charlotte Bouknight

    I read your scripture daily. Ive been encouraged so much. I am laying here in a hospital bed. Three days out of ICU. I’ve had my world shaken to the core. I smoked for too long and now I have pneumonia. It’s a big wake up call. Life changing. I’m 62 and now I’m quitting cigarettes. Now I have a new purpose. To get others to stop. My pray is I can harmonize my efforts with guidance from the Holy Spirit. It seems I need to learn how to do that. This is a subject most people try to avoid. Speaking to those slowly dying and they don’t even know it. Your verses and stories inspire so many. But their of us who live in shame for how we choose to live. People who will not get your stories or too poor to buy books. These folks aren’t in a third world country. Their our neighbors. The biggest thing about trying to stop smoking is none smokers have a “that’s disgusting” when a simple, ” I would love to help you quit smoking. Here’s my card, call and I’ll help you.” That will take a lot of courage or maybe the Holy Spirit. Thank you for allowing me to bring this to light.

  • Teach CES

    Trusting God for Grandchildren.

  • suzanne

    Praying hard as so need a direction regarding work and also a forever partner in my life

  • SUE

    YES & AMEN !!!!!

  • Kelly

    I am trusting in God to guide my husband to be a Godly husband- one that I can trust, respect and love and be my best friend as we walk with God in our daily life.

  • Grace Uzoh

    YES AND AMEN!!!!!

  • Susan McLaughlan

    I am trusting God to bring a buyer for our house so we can live closer to our son and grandchildren. YES AND AMEN!

  • Stayathomemommy

    I am trusting God to guide my husband and me trough parenting a two year old little boy. I am also trusting God to guide us through the construction of our new home. Yes and Amen!!!!

  • izzy

    i know this is about promises but i hope that he can restore a relationship between two sisters.

  • Phan Natalia

    I cling to God’s promises for financial breakthrough and for me and my husband’s new business

  • A Johnson

    Yes and amen!!

  • Laura

    I am trusting God, though not very well at the moment, to lead and guide as we work towards building on to our house. It has come with blessing and a lot of stress and such already. And we haven’t even started yet. Trusting God to make a way for it to happen, and for strength and endurance to make it though the challenges.
    I’m also trusting God that he will guard my heart and mind, and keep me from getting down and depressed. I know that is not what God has for me, I pray Lord for peace in my heart and mind, and encouragement to bring me closer to Him again. Help me Lord to find a way to lift my spirits so I can be a strength and a helpmate to my husband. Yes and Amen. Praise God. He is with me and never leaves me even when I stray.

  • InHisGrip

    Trusting in His provision for my husband and daughters to know the Lord and live lives pleasing in His sight.

  • Jassy Wanjau

    For a Godly husband this month Yes and Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cynthia

    I am trusting God for continued peace and guidance.

  • Helena

    Yes and Amen!

  • Belinda

    Financial stability and a job for my son in law.B

  • April Sparks Burke

    Yes and Amen!!!!!

  • Mary Williams

    I am trusting GOD that beginning this Month of March, my life would continually and exceedingly be to the glory of GOD (my thoughts, word and deeds)!! GOD would direct, guard and guide me and I would represent Christ wherever I find myself, I would posses everywhere I step my foot through HIS amazing grace and favor!! Yes and Amen!!! very excited! Happy New month of grace and Favor everyone!!

  • Faith

    I am trusting God for a husband, healthy children, permanent healing in my body, peace, and wisdom. Yes and Amen!

  • Jen

    I’m trusting God for a complete breakthrough in my marriage…to soften my husband’s heart, bring him back home and mold him into a God-fearing man. Yes and Amen!

  • skl

    I am trusting God for the promise of descendants – of a baby – to bless my husband and me and for us to finally be a “family.” Yes and Amen!

  • Jessika

    After being without for 1 year and 4 months, I am STILL trusting God for a full-time job. I know He is working, whether I see it or not! God is greater than my circumstance! YES and AMEN!

  • Nadine Stephanie

    i pray for directions from God, for my career, my family, heart’s problem and to renew my mind and my heart.

  • Lydia Monk

    Yes and Amen

  • Amanda

    I have a hard time trusting that a God will heal me from my eating disorder.

  • Saundra

    Yes and Amen for my marriage to prosper, for Healing for my daughter battling Sickle Cell Anemia! Yes ad Amen!

  • lisa

    Yes and amen to my family being saved for the kingdom

  • Cherise

    I am believing God today to start a job more than my qualifications immediately after my graduate programme. Also, for my marriage.


      YES AND AMEN!!!

  • Roxy sepana

    I am trusting God to never abandon me and strengthen me in my present path and my education Yes and Amen

  • nikkycole30

    I am praying for god to increase my faith and connection with him. I also believe God for mending my broken and hurting heart and helping my husband hear and understand gods voice and be saved and come home so that our broken marriage can be restored. and that what has happen will not negatively effect my 5 children. Yes and Amen!

  • Cathy in Cali.

    Thank you Gwen for this beautiful word.
    Today I am trusting God to bring my daughter Robyn back to the same Jesus she grew up knowing and loving. She graduated from College with “other ideas” and doubt of our ever loving Lord. It breaks my heart that she does not want to hear what I have to say about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
    Today and always I am trusting God! YES and AMEN!!!

  • Sheilla jones

    Yes , trusting only Him. Yes and amen

  • 2Corinthians 1:20

    42 still trusting God for a child without the help of IVF. He recently put this verse on my heart in the middle if the night. I’m not sure what it means but was lead to your site searching for the meaning of 2 Cotinthians 1:20

  • Cornelianna Hughes

    I pray to GOD for wisdom and wealth = YES and Amen!

  • Gwen Kersten

    Yes and Amen-!

  • Caren

    God has promised me a child….YES AND AMEN

  • Carmen

    God has promised a secure future for my family and I and financial freedom. Thank You!

  • Eve Ngolo

    I am trusting God for a baby.. Yes and amen

  • AJ

    I am believing in God for safe full term arrival of my son in December. YES & AMEN!

  • Les Renner

    YES & AMEN!!! I believe God is faithful and I am trusting in His promises. Please pray with me for my 16 year old daughter.

  • Deborah

    Yes and Amen

  • Deborah Lee

    Yes and Amen….Trusting the Lord with my financial crisis

  • Amy

    God promised to take care of my children and me…..that somehow, someway, I’ll find the money for our rent, our utilities, and most importantly, food for them. I believe Him. I believe His word. I will not doubt and I will no longer be scared. Thank YOU, Jesus, for providing, protecting, and loving these children you have me to raise. Thank YOU, Jesus, for some part time job that will help me do the same. I will stand firm on Your Word. Thank you, Jesus! Amen.

  • Tanisia Murrell

    Today’s devotional is right on time! I just love how my faithful God continues to pursue me with His love and encourage my weary heart. The beginning of this year God promised that He would fulfill my desire to be married and have children. It can be challenge sometimes believing that promise as I quickly approach 40 with no prospects for a husband. Today, I am reaffirming that I trust and believe God and not these eyes of flesh. Yes, Yes, and Amen! Thank you girlfriend and may our God continue to fill you up and bless you beyond measure!😘

  • Claudia Contreras

    I trus God that he will use me for his plan and will make a better person, God is a God that will fullfill his promises, he is a God of word snd if he says somthing there is no doubt in my heart he will do it, so yes and Amen

  • Jacqueline M. Oreamuno

    I’m trusting God to change my son’s crazy lifestyle to a calm Godly lifestyle. That my husband, Both my children and all my grandkids will be followers of Christ. Yes n Amen!

  • Ebonie Magby

    Strengthen my marriage, Yes and Amen. Keep me lifted in prayer please.

  • phyllis

    Waiting 25 faithful years for my husband to come to the Lord. YES AND AMEN!!!!

  • Linette

    Trusting God for an absolute fruitful and blessed job for my Fiancé. He is 51 and God bought us together after 12 years of knowing one another. I trust that God will not put two people together in an awesome ministry amongst bikers just to fail in terms of bringing in finances to run a good believing home. Yes and Amen!!!!

  • RRJ

    I pray That God will help my young son go into a rehad and learn to live a clean and sober life, and that God brings only good people in his life , Amen

  • Katherine

    Trusting God to give me the husband he has hand picked for me and for financial freedom. YES and AMEN

  • Lynne LeVere

    I am trusting God for stable, fruitful employment. I was laid off 2 yrs ago and am working at a totally new career. I just found out that layoffs Malay come again. I TRUST GOD!!!
    Thank you god this on time word. I woke up burdened this morning. I am Trusting God.
    Thank you ,
    Lynne LeVere

  • Debra Atkinson

    I am resting on the promise that God will bring my husband’s life back to God and bring him back home and restore our broken marriage.

  • http://reallyreallyrealhousewives.blogspot.com/ Beckey

    Yes and AMEN!

  • http://boopnut39.blogspot.com/ Deb

    God has promised me my husband would be saved and my son would return back to church. YES and AMEN!

  • Katherine

    For my husband to turn back to God and then come home to me and our marriage instead of continuing to pursue divorce.

  • MaryNell

    I trust God to bring a godly man to me to be my husband and partner in tne harvest, or He will remove these “wife” longings in me. I trust His plan for my future and my adult sons’ future. I also trust God to bring strong Christians into my sons’ lives to redirect them back to their Savior so they can be whole and complete. YES!

    • SF

      I also am also believing my Abba Father for a godly husband. MaryNell I will pray for you also for a Godly man to come into your life and mine. also praying for your Son’s. Amen and Amen.

  • Kristina King Allen

    I am trusting that God will give me wisdom where life decisions are concerned.

  • Mary robbins

    I am trusting God that with my injury from my job that my family will be taken care of financially. Amen

  • Lori Savage

    My Mom is very sick & I want to help but I have physical problems I know God will show me what to do. I am trusting the holy spirit to show me. I am also trusting God for my husband & 3 boys & there famlies to seek God & walk with him daily. They are all saved but not walking with the Lord. Oh how I long for that day & know God has a special day in his timing. Thank you Lord for what you are going to do in our family. I trust in you.Yes & Amen

  • Sharon

    God has promised me that my entire family will be saved. That includes my 87-year-old father who I’m going to see in about a month. He believes “when you die you’re in the ground and that’s all there is” and gets angry if I bring up anything that has to do with Jesus! He runs off anyone who talks to him about Christ…from the look of things he will never give his life to Christ, BUT GOD….has promised me….about 10 years ago….AND I BELIEVE GOD…not what my eyes see!

  • amy olson

    I am trusting in the Lord to give me humble confidence that only comes from Him and the knowledge that my identity is based on what He thinks of me and not others. Amy Olson

  • Maria

    I am trusting God to maintain control over all of His promises and helping walk a faithful walk with Him.

  • Teresa R

    I am trusting God for a better job with normal hours, great pay, medical benefits, sick pay, vacation time and close to home so I can start writing my book

  • Missy Smith

    Thank you so much! This devotion speaks what my heart has been feeling!

    I am definitely face a challenge. I sat and talked to Dad this last weekend and I explained to him where my sister is, his daughter of course, my nephew, his grandson, and my first step mom, his wife. He listened but at one point he said he thought he would probably go down to hell.

    My dad is holding a lot of grief and guilt. But here’s is the other challenge: not only is my dad battling with cancer, he is struggles with dementia. He’s is most of the time comprehensive. But he goes in and out. Just being able to talk to him is challenge enough because he’s hard of hearing and is forever losing his hearing aids.

    But one thing my hearts says, is these challenges are not bigger then God!!!

    So if anyone says to me “but there is no hope, I say
    “But God!” With God there is Always hope! A friend of mine taught me “But God!”. And it has taught me that instead of applying a negative “but”, and showing a lack in faith on what God is capable of doing, I can speak my faith, by saying ” But God!” This reminds me of “Yes, and Amen”!

    ~Thank you for all you do. Thank you for shining on His behalf. And I am so thankful that your devotions have been speaking to my mom! (Btw~They have been divorced since I was about three).

    But God!

  • gina wall

    God has promised me that if I start my children off on the way they should go that even when they are old they will not turn from it Proverbs 22:6 Yes and Amen!!!!!

  • Patrice Campbell

    God promised me He’d make my husband sure footed as a deer. I’m trusting God to restore my husband’s back to right relationship with Him, our marriage and family. Yes and Amen! In.the name of Jesus!

  • Anita Mithra

    Yes and Amen to selling my apartment for a good price quickly and the healing and restoration of my son’s mental health.

  • veronica

    Have faith that he will supply my needs , and finding me a God fearing husband to make me stronger in his word, cleanses my heart and a car for my granddaughter for school and back and forth to work.

  • Misty

    Marriage restoration. Just waiting for the breakthrough I know is coming

  • Roxanne Marcos

    I trust God for a job today. I need one. I am claiming His promise in Jeremiah 29:11 -… prosper… hope and future… “yes and amen”
    Glory to God…
    Thanks Gwen.

  • Diane

    Trusting God to reveal Himself to my daughter and bring her back to Himself. YES and AMEN!

  • Jasmine

    Healing of a broken friendship. Yes and amen

  • Debra

    I’m waiting for my Boaz!! YES and AMEN!

  • Stacey Robinson


  • Adriennie

    Yes!!! and Amen!!!!

  • Yolanda

    Yes and Amen!

  • aylyn

    Yes, amen. May god work hill will in me in Jesus name.

  • tracey

    im trusting god for a beautiful outcome for my oldest daughter she was engaged and ready for marriage in march 2016 and her fiance walked out but i know god has it all in his hand YES and AMEN thankyou god

  • Tiffany

    I had a my tubes tied 8 years ago. Now I’m remarried and desperately want a child with my husband. God has promised me another child!! Amen and Amen!

  • Cathy Paynes

    I’m trusting God o regain employment that provides stability for my family and self.

  • Joanne

    I’m trusting God to restore friendship between Mark and I in a new way that would bring about marriage. Yes and Amen!!!

  • Tope Oketona

    God has promised me a godly home.
    Yes and Amen!

  • Kesha

    Believing God will heal my marriage and give me a car to get me daughter to and from school. The bus is good but commute is longer. I trust God for his Yes and Amen.

  • Dawn Lanzaro Maglaras

    I pray that God will restore my marriage- touch my husbands heart like no one can & have him re-dedicate his life to the Lord. That my children will see a Godly father & also follow- I praise you God – this prayer I give to you knowing it is your will & you shall answer & all shall see just how merciful & loving you are!

  • sarah jane walters

    To continue being happy & content with life yes and amen