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Do You Remember Me?


Gwen Smith

June 28, 2013

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Humble yourself

I’ll be the first to admit that I am a woman who is easily distracted. More times than I care to even discuss. Sigh. I would love to say that the detail-oriented-woman in me rocks my days, but that’s not always the case. One crazy day, a few years back, the absent-minded-scatter-brain in me dominated big time.  Here’s what happened…

After I dropped my kids off at school, I swung into the local gas station and ran inside to prepay.  I handed the cashier forty dollars in cash and headed out the door to pump my gas.  As I left the mini-mart, I held the door for the woman behind me.  As she passed in front of me, we recognized each other.  She is the secretary for a local church where I had ministered in the past.  We chatted for a few minutes and then each went to our cars and went about our days.

My next stop?  The coffee shop.

I grabbed a piping hot dark roast, added a happy little splash of half and half, and settled down with my Bible and journal for some one-on-One time with the Lord.  In the hour and a half that followed, I read, prayed, and chatted with a few friends that came through. It was a very peaceful, pleasant morning… until a horrible realization hit me full force:  I never pumped my forty dollars worth of gasoline!

Oh. My. Glory.

I had pulled up to the gas pump, paid the cashier, and then drove away!!  And, to answer the question you’re surely asking, “no…I didn’t even have a receipt to prove that I had paid.” This was not good. The detail-oriented-woman in me hid as the distracted-absent-minded-woman in me snickered.

A cold panic washed over my heart. I felt awful. My husband and I run our household with on a cash budget.  We try our best to be good stewards of our money. To make wise financial decisions.  This was a possible forty-dollar blunder!!

In a flash I was out the door and on my way back to the gas station.  I felt like such a ding-dong!  I prayed the whole way there, “Please Lord, let the same cashier still be working.  Please let her remember me!” I screeched into the parking lot on two wheels, ran inside, and blurted out, “Do you remember me?”  The cashier turned to me with a smile and a receipt in her hand and said, “I know exactly who you are!  You are paid in full.  Go ahead and fill up!” I thanked her and breathed a big sigh of relief.

As I pumped my gasoline, the panic faded to peace.  In that moment, the Lord spoke to my heart as if to say, “My sweet daughter, so many times you pull up a chair to spend time with me and fill up your soul on my daily bread, only to be distracted and leave empty. Rest assured, each time you return to my heart and to my Word, my response is the same to you: “I know exactly who you are!  You are paid in full.  Go ahead and fill up!”

“Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne? Though she may forget, I will not forget you! See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands; your walls are ever before me.” (Isaiah 49:15-16, NIV)

Holy Father, Who am I, that You are mindful of me? Thank You for always remembering me, for engraving my name on the palms of your hands. Would you please be my portion today?



Is there a place of panic in your heart that needs to be handed to the Prince of Peace?  Pause to pray about it now.

RESPONSE TIME: What do you need to hand over to the Prince of Peace? Got a story about a time when your panic faded to peace? Got a prayer need? Let’s take the conversation deeper! Leave a comment below. 


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About Gwen Smith

Gwen Smith

I am an unashamed, imperfect worshiper of Jesus Christ. I cling to His goodness to cover my mess and purpose my days to live out the hope of the Gospel. It is my joy and passion to inspire women to live fully in grace and truth. I write books, devotions and songs. I speak. I sing. I worship. I post, pin and tweet. I am intensely in love with the Word of God and believe, wholeheartedly, that the Bible is divinely inspired truth.

  • Lynne Childress

    I was teaching a workshop at a high school, and had a sitter watching my toddler. This was the first time she had baby-sat for us, but the baby loved her instantly. After my morning workshop, I went to Target with my co-worker for coffee, and she left and I stayed to shop. I realized about 20 minutes that I couldn’t find my keys. They were nowhere. I went all around that place, and I called my friend, who thought that maybe I threw them out! The sweet people at Target dug threw 3 trashcans and couldn’t find them. I kept going back to customer service, and to cashiers, and people felt bad for me, but no keys. And I felt horrible. And stupid. And embarrassed. I am also easily distracted but I usually find things. Not this time. AND the clock was ticking with the sitter, who I now had to pay more because I couldn’t get home. But God gave me a realization: I had a beautiful son, an understanding husband, good child care, a car that I currently couldn’t start but I still had one, and that more than anything, I had His grace. Not finding my keys was a temporary inconvenience, but did nothing to erase my state as a child of His. The sitter came and got me, and we were locked out of the house, but my neighbor had a spare key, and my husband drove me back to get my car with his spare. I never found my keys. But I have His peace. And that’s better.

  • Minnie J.

    Such a sure and timely word for me this morning. I am finishing up my book on my experience with the Father’s amazing love, displayed to me through a breast cancer diagnosis in 2008. Through that experience I have learned a whole lot about how the Lord loves me and knows me so intimately. I can now remember the panic and feeling of total abandonment and hopelessness until the Lord just flooded my heart with his peace and the thought of His awareness of me described in that same psalms you gave. (psalms 139) and is still reminding me of His awareness and love even now after 5 years “cancer free!” What a Mighty God and Father, He is!!! Minnie Jones

  • Michele

    Thank you for sharing Gwen! Most recently – a $40 Oh. My. Glory. moment happened to me. I was in the self-checkout of a grocery store – hardly ever do I ask for cash back, but I did. $40. I got home with my 3 items but forgot my 2 $20 bills. I called the store, asking “by chance” the monitoring store associate saw it and turned it in. Nope. I just said a small prayer and wished the receiver of the $40 cash well and thought of a “pay it forward” scenario. Wouldn’t it be a feel good blessing if a mother on limited on income with mouths to feed came behind me only buying milk and said “thank you Jesus” for this blessing – now I can buy more. :) That was my peace. Giving it to God.

  • Ileana

    GIG’s are great friends to me. I have being in a legal battle for three years and I finally saw the end, only to discover that is not over yet. I cried so much yesterday in pain, I cried to the Lord and ask him to remember His promises. This morning the rainbow was in my way to work, its a special sign to me that reminds me his pact. The verse of the day at bible gateway is in 2 Peter 3:9 “The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.”
    Its a full-total-directed answer to my wondering heart. Top it up with your devotional….I feel so special to my Lord, he replies straight to my heart although his is not obligated to do it. Thank you Gwen for sharing your day to day with us. I’m so like you! “I know exactly who you are! You are paid in full. Go ahead and fill up!” those are words to have it handy and to be reminded often.

  • Kathy

    Please pray for me. My husband and I have been married nearly 22 years, and he recently filed for divorce. It was completely unexpected. We are both Christians, have two teenage boys, and have always been involved in church. My heart is completely shattered. I love my husband very much. He is a good man. I just feel in my heart that this divorce is very wrong, a big mistake. I’m having a hard time understanding it, much less accepting it. I cry out to God incessantly to deliver me from this, to stop this divorce from happening. The bible says we should pray that God’s will be done, and I want God’s will to be done, but isn’t staying married God’s will?

  • K

    This was so timely that it brought tears to my eyes! I have struggled with “distractedness” far too much lately and have been very frustrated with the diminished accomplishments of my days because of it. The Lord reminded me of my often hurried, distracted or sometimes absent time with Him and that without seeking His direction and power daily to accomplish my tasks, I’m basically attempting to do it all on my own. No need to ask how that’s been working out for me! My peace came today with God’s words to you, “My sweet daughter, so many times you pull up a chair…only to leave distracted and empty…each time you return to my heart and my Word…I know exactly who you are…go ahead and fill up. His addendum to me: “and go forward today following My lead in My power”. He’s so awesome. Thanks for following His lead and sharing this devotional today.

  • Sylvia McKay

    sylvia i really was feeling forgotten by god today everyone around me seemed to be getting on in life and god just didnt seem to be answering my prayers for extra work. Thank you for encouraging me today, i hope he will answer my prayer soon

  • Linda

    My name is Linda, there was a time where I was in Walmart and I was shopping with my daughter..And I had my cell phone in hand and for some reason I laid my cell phone down on the shelf of can goods I had just got on the other iale when dawned on me I didn’t pick it up when I had got done what I was doing.So ran around to the iale to get it and it was gone I paniced ,I thought Ii would never see it again. I was so scared what my husband was going to say when he
    got home that night. I thought and hoping and praying someone turned it in at the servicedesk. All the way up there I was thinking some kid found him a really nice phone but when I had gotten there someone had turned it in. But the scary part was I had some really important numbers in it that know one needed to see.I was frantic they were looking thru it. But nothing came about it of them doing that. I thank the Lord for someone turning in my phone. From now on I keep it right with me at all times now.

    Then there’s a time when I was at the check out at the store remembering paying for my groceries putting them into the basket and walking outto my car looking for my keys could not find them so I went to the service desk asked if anyone had turned any keys in. Well not at this time so I went looking for them again going up and down the isles and I herd over the intercom we have just got some keys turned in.If anyone has lost! I thank God for good people out there that turned them in.

    time so I told them I was going to go look for them as I was looking I heard over the enercom the person that had lost some keys come up to the service desk we have them here. I was so relieve. Here I am again thinking maybe they slepout of my pocket I was frantic because I could not find them,so I am going down every iale that I was on and not finding them and so I went to the service desk asking if anyone had turned in any keysw.
    They said no so I went looking for them again going up and down the isles and I herd over the intercom we have just recieved some keys.If have lost any come to the sevice desk. The ladies reconized me and smiled these must be

  • glory

    I love the articles and issues that are talked about here in GIG, every issued discussed has a way of dealing with d issue i might be currently facing..it isa a divinely orchestrated message and i thank God that i subscribed to this newsletter. God bless and continually inspire you to write to bless others

  • Marilyn H

    Thank you for reminding me of a similar story. My daughter-in-law had asked me if I would be willing to arrange to use the Party Room in my condo complex. Originally it was to be a Sunday and then changed to Saturday the same weekend. I got it approved and everything was fine. A few weeks later I was checking my calendar and I thought Oh, dear the shower was supposed to be on Sunday. I called the lady that handles the party room and she said I had never asked her for Sunday and it was now taken. I was feeling terrible there were 30 people coming to a baby shower. I called my daughter-in-law to tell her the bad news and she assured me the shower was for Saturday. I was so relieved. After that I thanked God that I had done what I was supposed to and realized he
    hadn’t heard from me for a few days and thought it was time to thank him for always looking out for me. I’m making sure I get in touch with him everyday.

  • crystal bethea

    Well, had a similar story at the gas station, I parked behind a guy that was currently pumping gas on #2 when I pulled behind him. I got out the car and went side got a few snacks and got in lined to pay for my items paid for my gas on pump #2. Well by the time came out no gas to pump, went bk in to tell the same cashier no gas coming out, for some reason he said he put gas their for me to pump… I explained I never pump the gas yet! Within a matter timed I guess was pumped from guy parked front me 20.00 worth. Well the cashier said the gas was pumped. The moral to the story I didn’t want to argue with the cashier and my boyfriend told me always get a receipt when pumping gas no matter what. I had no proof that I didn’t pay and the cashier was not kind at all. I count it at ass a loss and a blessing for some else who needed the extra gas.

  • Lori Ryan

    Thanks Gwen for knowing just what my heart needed to hear so many times I feel like I let God down. I want to spend time with Him I mean to spend time with Him and even plan on spending time with Him. Then “things” get in the way and I don’t spend the time I wanted to. Thank you for letting me know that is OK and God sill loves me. I continue to strive to spend quality with my Daddy and believe I am getting better. Instead of daily sitting I find I can do a little every day and then spend a longer time on a weekend day when I can really be alone.

    Thanks for your encouraging words I love them!

  • Laura

    Thank you for this reminder. I re read it again a day later and it addresses all my frustrations. This is me. Distracted and so easily sidetracked. I don’t even know if I know how to fill up on God and his love for me. I’ve had a lot of panic moments. I feel some days like I can’t keep up with work and kids and house and such. Let alone find time to actually get something out of God’s word. I’ve been trying to do the Psalm adventure and it has gotten me into the word more than I usually do. I thought I could make time to keep up with the pace but I’ve decided now my goal is just to get it complete. But trying to find alone time is not easy with 2 teens and a 3 yr old. God has spoken to me but I want more. I desire to fill up on God’s word and let him make changes in me. Pray that I will have time and take it, and learn how to fill up on him. So many things keep distracting me. I will not give up.

    • Cris

      Praying for you, Laura. Father, I pray for Laura as she struggles to fulfill her many roles. Lord, she needs you! I pray that you would fill every corner of her heart with your love and undeniable presence! Remind her to slow down and to be still. She plays the role of wife, mother and career woman and plays this game called balance – but I pray that she is overcome with reminders that she is a child of God! Father, I pray that you would call Laura & her family to church where faith filled people would surround them, causing them to become involved together in learning your word and strengthening their faith! Together, they can fill up on your word without all of the distractions. I pray that you saturate Laura and her home with your Holy presence. Remove the many distractions and calm her heart, allowing more time with You, Lord. I ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen.

      • Laura

        Thank you for praying. Really means a lot. God bless you. God is working to help me with the scheduling and overwhelmed feeling. I have a hope knowing that I can soon change my schedule so it’s not so chaotic. Praise God.

  • Nicole

    This was such a blessing for me this morning. I am a mother of four, career woman, wife, and most importantly a follower of Christ. Sometimes it gets so difficult to take some time out for God, so to know that Jesus has not forgotten me; that he knows who I am and to hear that I am paid in full is no less than amazing and definitely my word of peace. So blessed to be carved in my savior’s palm. Thank you Lord for always being mindful of me!