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One Thing You Can’t Do

I pretty much consider myself to have a black thumb. Charcoal, even. I like plants and genuinely try to keep them healthy and thriving, but fail at it a lot more than I succeed. So a...

What Does Your Handwriting Say About God?

My son Hunter had been home from school for days on end following the concussion he sustained in a high school basketball game. In an effort to occupy his time productively, he picked up...

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Time For a New Way With Words

I want my words to be life-giving. I want to use my words and tone of voice to bless people and love them well. Isn’t that what we all want? Isn’t that what pleases...

I’ll Have What She’s Having!

It was spring break and we were home. Facebook posts from friends were showcasing sandy beaches, yummy meals, and fancy-schmancy hotel lobbies and pools. I was doing laundry, finishing up my taxes {Yay!} and...

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How To Know When To Go

Ants have been known to ruin a picnic or two, but recently they messed up my beach time and flustered my heart. Yeah. I know. God made ants to live on the earth and...

Why Worn Ways Win

‘Prepare the way for the Lord, make straight paths for him.’ (Matthew 3:3b, NIV) John the Baptist told God’s people to “prepare the way for the Lord” … to purify their hearts and get...

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How Hiding Keeps You From Seeking

In John 4, we see a tired Jesus who stopped to rest at Jacob’s well where He begins a conversation with a Samaritan woman, ignoring the cultural, racial, and social norms of that day....

When Your Heart Needs Healing

A friend of ours has struggled for years with heart problems. He’s gone through seasons of wellness and seasons of strain. Last year his health challenges moved from the back burner of his life...


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