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The Secret to Having a Deeply Rooted Faith

A nasty storm had blown through. Lots of thunder and lightening. Buckets of wetness. The Twitter feed from our local fire department alerted us to the dangers of high winds and encouraged the community...

I Am
Do The Things You Did

I watched a movie about the end times that left me longing for a few answers. So I grabbed my Bible and sat to read from the book of Revelation. In this apocalyptic, end-of-the-Bible...

stressed woman
I’m Exhausted!

  I had just arrived at my favorite coffee shop. As I opened the door, the smell of freshly brewed java greeted me and filled my creative mind with possibilities. I was eager to...

I want these two buttons for life
The More You Were Meant For

It was a photo of a waffle iron… Her status update on the social media site said seven simple words about the picture: “I want these two buttons for life.” The buttons of reference...

blind folded
Who Defines Your Worth?

  Years ago, I bought my daughter a really cute jacket at the mall. It was a hoodie made of a cuddly fabric with cream, lavender, and mint green horizontal stripes. The jacket zipped...

Take a Step Back

I gave her instructions for the job. “Clear the furniture from the room, vacuum thoroughly, and then I will show you how to mop the wood floor.” Once my daughter got through the first...

Do something
How Can Science Strengthen Your Faith?

Sir Isaac Newton wrote a book that was published in 1687 called The Principia: Mathematical Principle of Natural Philosophy. In this book, Newton unpacks research that redefined the way the world looks at science...

10.20.15 live out your faith
Here’s What You Should Do

Luke 3 tells the story of John the Baptist as he began his ministry. His job? Prepare the way of the Lord. (Luke 3:4) Many royal rulers and powerful leaders of the land are...

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