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How Resistance Can Lead to Strength

My daughter plays competitive volleyball and recently began a specialized resistance plyometric workout called Vertimax training. The actual Vertimax equipment looks rather unimpressive. It’s a sturdy platform that hosts a complicated series of industrial-sized...

Finding God in the Dry of Your Drought

The Old Testament prophet Elijah is a guy I can relate to. God asked him to do and say some difficult things. He also got an all-access pass to the God-Is-Awesome show as he...

Giveaway: Wreck My Life

Friend! I’ve been keeping a secret that I FINALLY get to share! FRIDAYS are getting a makeover around here! {Go ahead and shake your pom poms, sista! Exciting stuff is going down!} Here’s the deal: I’m going...

Don’t Scratch That Itch

I woke up that morning with a spider bite the size of a quarter. It may as well have been the size of North Carolina for as much as it itched! I was half-tempted...

Which One Are You?

The words of Jesus pack a punch. His is a powerful and vibrant dialog that brings both tradition and the Law into a new and living light. On a hillside, long ago, Jesus engaged...

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What To Do When God Says NO

A few years ago, I was on my way home from running errands. As I approached our neighborhood, my cell phone rang. “Hi, Mom. It’s Kennedy. Where are you?” “Hey, baby! I ran some...

No Small Thing
It’s No Small Thing

A friend sent this text: “I thought of you when I read Numbers 16:9 today!” Does it seem a small thing to you that the God of Israel has chosen you from among all...

Who Asking
Who Are You Asking?

Four years ago we installed a new bathroom sink in our downstairs powder room. While I love the way it looks, I have not loved the way it has worked – because the water...


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