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Red lipstick
Red Lipstick

When my three children were young, it was a challenge to keep track of where they were at all times.  My husband and I baby proofed the house as best we could, used gates...

Take a Step Back

I gave her instructions for the job. “Clear the furniture from the room, vacuum thoroughly, and then I will show you how to mop the wood floor.” Once my daughter got through the first...

Steeler Smith
When God Does a New Thing

I admit, I’m a sucker for the makeover shows. It doesn’t matter what kind… home makeovers, hair, clothes and makeup makeovers… or even the shows that take a person from drab or flab to...

Smith Guys July 14
Between the Waves and Sunshine

I’m not a very good rester. Even on vacation… which is where I am now. My gang and I are at the beach and yet my mind still swirls with all that needs to...

Prov 31.26 wise words
Set Apart Living, Part 2

In my last post, we began to talk about how to live a set-apart life.  We looked at our e-lives, the time we spend on computers, tablets, and smart phones, and were challenged to...

White Paint - Baby Blue Background. Painting
Set Apart Living, Part 1

As Christian believers, we are called to live set-apart lives. To be holy as God is holy. To be in the world, but not of the world. God is the source of all holiness,...

My Song
Experiencing God’s Strength in Your Struggle

I will never forget how the movie The Wizard of Oz lingered in my heart for days after I first saw it. I was just a child like the heroine Dorothy, who won me...

Born To Be Wild, Part 2

Yesterday we visited the story of an unlikely champion: a racehorse named Seabiscuit. He was too small, the jockey was too big and blind in one eye – and yet, against all odds, this...

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