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10.9.15 Swamps prayer
Finding Strength in Life’s Firestorms

There is a scene in the whimsical and quirky film The Princess Bride in which some bad guys were chasing the two main characters, Princess Buttercup and Wesley. In order to escape, Buttercup and...

10.6.15 Soul Quote
A Soul Poured Out

The Old Testament book of Samuel introduces us to Hannah: a godly woman who had some serious problems.  Her problems weren’t brief and they weren’t simple.  They were year after year problems.  Challenges that...

blog pic
Reaching for the Real

The mug in my hand was filled with warm, dark roasted incentive. I cozied in on my favorite couch corner, breathing in the quiet. Settling my heart before the all-loving One, my whispers rose...

Dont Linger in the Lame
Have You Ever Been Paralyzed by Problems?

I love Scripture’s account of when Jesus healed a paralyzed man. Those of us who grew up in Sunday school know it well. If you are new to faith or just getting to know...

got faith
A Fresh Brewed Faith

Every morning I walk straight to the coffee pot and push the ON button. I’m a total coffee girl. I like a piping-hot, extra dark roast with half and half, and I struggle to...

Yes and Amen

   When my son, Preston, was in sixth grade he chose to plant spinach for his science fair project. He planted seeds in four plastic cups and watered each batch with a fixed daily...

What’s Your Ultimate?

My heart plays ping-pong. It shifts focus from one affection to another faster than you can say, “Squirrel!” I have never been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD – or any other condition with scary...

The One Who Sees Me

“She gave this name to the LORD who spoke to her: “You are the God who sees me,” for she said, “I have now seen the One who sees me.” Genesis 16:13, NIV Have...

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