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Hiding Feature Final
How Hiding Keeps You From Seeking

In John 4, we see a tired Jesus. He was exhausted and thirsty from the journey he and the disciples had just made from Judea to Galilee. Having sent the disciples into town for...

Pierced Healed Is53
Once and For All {A Good Friday Reflection}

All who pause for reflection and allow their hearts to wander in wonder down the Way of Suffering feel the darkness of this day in history. Good Friday was anything but good – yet,...

Broken Beautiful Grace
Trusting God With Your Tomorrows

  On the far side of a desert, high upon the Mountain of God, a voice called out to Moses from within a curious, fiery bush. He had been tending the sheep of his...

The Good Kind of Fear

I was a tween with pimples, long lanky limbs, and an attitude the summer we went to Ohio to visit friends of my parents who lived on a farm. I didn’t much care if...

connect the dots
Connecting The Dots

Ever since I was young, I’ve loved connecting dots. In my childhood it was dots with numbers on paper that stranded together to form an object. As I threw my attention to the page...

Matt 6 Birds SQ
When the Wrong Place is the Right Place

It is completely normal for me to run late. Especially when I’m trying to catch a flight. On this particular day after, however, I arrived at the airport much earlier than normal. I was...

Ps 34.18 BIB
I’m Right Here

While walking into the opening session of a marriage conference that we had been looking forward to his cell phone rang. He answered the call and we took our seats. As the emcee kicked...

Prov 16.3
When God’s Agenda Trumps Yours

God used a crockpot that day. Not mine – hers. Her: the casual friend I ran into at the grocery store who looked put together on the outside but was pulled apart on the...

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