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Grandma Eisaman

Significant Who? Significant You!

Gertie. That was her name. To me she was Grandma Eisaman, and she lived right across the street when I was a young girl. She was famous in our small town of Irwin, PA...

posted on: Sep 19
Fifth Gospel FP

Giveaway: The Fifth Gospel

Happy Tuesday, friends!! Last week I announced that one of my new bloggy missions is to let you know when I come across new books, CDs, or products that I believe will bless and encourage you toward...

posted on: Sep 16
Sponge Rollers

About That Whole Control Thing

I had been out of town at an event. Gone just one night. While I was away, my then eight-year-old daughter, Kennedy, had spent the night at her girlfriend Catherine’s house. I came home...

posted on: Sep 12

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